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  July 2016  
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Independent Report: YCUSD can’t meet union demand for 13 percent raise Neutral party instead recommends one-time payment of 2 percent
YCUSD is hiring teachers for all grade levels. Our schools feature rich learning environments for our students and support programs that help teachers excel.
At some districts, budget cuts have made music an afterthought. At YCUSD, music is center stage. We’re proud to offer vocal and instrumental instruction in elementary, middle and high school, and proud of the professionals who bring music into the lives of our community’s children. Our community has made a great investment in schools that enrich students’ lives and help them succeed.
YCUSD brings social, emotional, and academic support to students each day and in every school. One main source of support are school counselors, and YCUSD has a lower student-to-counselor ratio than most other districts. Our community has worked hard to create and advance schools that put students first and give them the support they need to succeed.
Providing transportation to school is expensive, but it’s important to many families in our community. That’s why YCUSD spends $1.8 million annually to make sure our children have a way to get to school. We’re working with our community to create schools that put students first and give them the support they need to succeed.
Every school district has to make difficult choices with limited resources. At YCUSD, we are proud of having kept class sizes smaller than in districts similar to ours. This benefits our students, our teachers and our community.
As we receive orientation information from the school sites, it will be placed here. So far, Yuba City High School, Albert Powell High School and Riverbend 6th Grade information has been posted. More to come...
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The mission of Central Gaither School is to provide those educational experiences which will give students the skills necessary to function successfully and independently as adults.

Grade Level
School Starts
A.M. Recess
Lunch School Dismissed
8:00am 9:30 to 9:45am
11:35 to 12:00pm
1st - 3rd
8:00am 9:45 to 10:00am
11:30 to 12:05pm 2:15pm
4th - 5th
8:00am 10:10 to 10:25am 12:00 to 12:35pm 2:15pm
6th 8:00am 10:05 to 10:25am 12:05 to 12:45pm 2:36pm
7th - 8th
8:00am 10:00 to 10:10am 12:10 to 12:45pm 2:36pm